What happens once you decide to get married?

· You must be over 18 years of age to be married in Australia.

· You will need to meet with a celebrant and complete a Notification of Intention to Marry form (NOIM).

· Your chosen celebrant will give this to you to complete (also see

· The Notification form must be completed at least a MONTH and a DAY before your ceremony date.

· You need to show your birth certificates and a photo ID (drivers licence etc)

· If you have been married previously you must show divorce papers (a decree absolute) or a death certificate.

· For people born overseas who do not have a birth certificate, your overseas passport will suffice for proof of age.

· You must be able to state a fixed date, time and place of your ceremony on the form.

· In some circumstances where there is no birth certificate or passport, your celebrant may be able to complete a Statutory Declaration for you to sign for proof of age.

· Two witnesses over the age of 18 who are present at the ceremony are required to sign marriage documentation.

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